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Heavy lifting and specialised transportation

As Concord knows that special heavy transport projects call for unique solutions, we offer heavy haulage logistics and heavy lift services for abnormal loads and enormous freight.

Full-service heavy lift and specialised transport solutions

Thanks to our extensive equipment fleet, we can provide the whole factory to foundation service throughout the GCC and Asia.

As experts in abnormal and indivisible loads, our devoted staff will collaborate closely with each client, from helping with the initial enquiry to creating a specific solution to project completion.

A variety of specialized machinery

We are problem solvers, and thanks to our extensive training and expertise, we succeed on even the most challenging multi-modal projects. We continually invest in our equipment fleet, which allows us to own and run the most cutting-edge heavy lifting, specialised transport, and installation machinery.

Girder frames, SPMTs, modular trailers, cranes, hydraulic lift systems, skidding systems, and jacking systems are among the equipment in our fleet.

Developing customised solutions

We take pride in offering a unique, fully integrated solution for every project. Our engineers and project managers provide services like route surveys and feasibility studies to help projects during the FEED stage.

Additionally, we can develop and construct specialised equipment if we still need to get what is required, thanks to our in-house design and fabrication expertise. Our various logistics solutions, which range from warehousing and storage to heavy haulage and industrial plant services, complement our heavy lift and specialised transport service.

Start-to-finish partner

A single point of contact for each shipment eliminates the need to deal with multiple vendors or coordinate several handovers.

Choice of service and products

Regardless of the product choice, you can select the service that best suits your business needs and have a seamless experience.

Extensive global network

Accessing almost every local market in the world requires the worldwide coverage provided by our landside transportation.

Let's discuss your needs

Leverage our experience and expertise with integrated shipping, logistics and marine services tailored to meet your needs.