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Intelligent and reliable transport solutions

Our unique solutions, combined with the economical use of the right equipment, resources, engineering, global logistics experience, and tailor-made transportation, guarantee a solution for the smoothest execution of the project, from the smallest to the most oversized cargo.

UAE partner for all transport projects

Over the years, Concord has prioritised its clients and responded to their ever-shifting needs. We have updated several aspects of our company to respond quickly and expertly. We changed in the correct ways, not just for the sake of changing. Employing the appropriate people in the proper positions helps the company advance as these individuals can empathise with our clients as they travel their unique paths with us.

To ensure that we complete our client’s projects on schedule and within budget, our frontline personnel quickly respond with the most innovative and secure solutions. Communication is crucial and will continue after we have completed the job.

Creating Transportation Efficiency

Our mission statement is to create the most efficient transportation network in the GCC. Concord continuously looks for new ways by which we can use our people, processes, and technology to move freight transportation forward.

Modern Specialist Transporter

CONCORD ROAD TRANSPORT is a Dubai-based road transport company established in 2008 as a one-person, one-truck business. 

Since then, it has grown into a well-known name in the industry, with a fleet of over 100 units.

We Specialize in heavy haulage, breakbulk, and project cargo movements with the capacity to transport within reasonable limits. The current fleet consists of conventional hydraulic trailers, hydraulic low bed trailers, special to low bed trailers, air rider low bed trailers, various types of mechanical low bed trailers, flatbeds, skeleton trailers, curtain trailers, side loaders, and extendable trailers with CICPA pass holder trucks.

Connected and Guided by our values

By living up to our values, we inspire trust in our vision to transform global logistics. No matter the challenge, our values are constant.

Our purpose serves as the foundation and compass guiding our work towards a world where global trade distributes economic and social benefits without negatively impacting individuals, communities, or the environment.

To truly connect with the world, we need a global outlook. Our horizons have expanded beyond oceans and continents to encompass new platforms and technologies, and our diverse culture is the catalyst for our transformation.

We develop programs and take action to ensure that employees and partners of all backgrounds have the support they need, opportunities to thrive, and a work environment where they feel they belong.

Let's discuss your needs

Leverage our experience and expertise with integrated shipping, logistics and marine services tailored to meet your needs.